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Author P. A. Trainer
Publisher Not Applicable
Year 1986
Category Strategy
Other Images
MZ-TALKER+.mzf MZ-TALKER+.wav (Type $05)
TALKER.mzf TALKER.wav (Type $01)
This game includes the only instance of a speech synthesizer I've yet found on the MZ-700. You have to load the first program and RUN it, at which point you'll be asked to load the 2nd program. When the READY prompt appears you have to type RUN again and then the program will begin. "Type in numbers only, starting with no. 1 and working as high as you can. Always enter [CR] after each number !! For any numbers that will divide by 3 you type the letter [M] and any that divide by 5 you type the letter [Z], if any numbers divide by 3 and 5 then you type the letters [M Z]. You'll get the knack!!!"