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Sharp MZ Software Archive

Welcome to the Sharp MZ Software Archive website. I've set this site up as a repository to store my own personal collection of Sharp MZ software. I realised recently that I have been amassing quite a lot of programs, games, utilities and other miscellaneous software over the years so it would be good to keep it somewhere permanent online but also it'd be great to share my collection with everyone else.

Please click on the relevant category from the sidebar on the left of the page to find the software you need. You will see a list of programs in alphabetical order. If the relevant program is available for different MZ platforms then they will appear next to each other in different columns.

I'm hoping to make this site as comprehensive as I can. This means when you click on a particular program you will be taken to a sub-page specifically for that program with information such as author, publisher, year etc as well as a download link for MZF and WAV. Also if the particular program is taken from an actual original published tape in my collection then there will be photos as well. There's also a homebrew section which is simply a collection of all the homemade programs written by various users of Sharp computers from back in the day which I have recovered from random tapes.

Enjoy! - Ben Sharpworks

(If you notice any errors here please contact me at mzsharpworks@gmail.com)


Many thanks to Vaclav Peroutka whose invaluable skills helped to recover software from some very very bad quality tapes.

Thanks also to Tony Jewell for the fantastic photos of the MZ-80K and MZ-80A machines.

Many further thanks to Joachim Froholt of Spillhistorie.no for providing some Norwegian homebrew and for helping to write some of the notes and descriptions of the software held in the archive.