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Author Unknown
Publisher Sharpsoft
Year Unknown
Category Text Adventure
Other Images
COLDITZ.mzf COLDITZ.wav (Type $02)
This is a dual platform release with the MZ-80K version on one side and the MZ-80A version on the other. "The object of the game is to find your way out of Colditz castle as quickly as possible. To help you through various parts of the castle you will need special equipment which is picked up at the beginning of the game - the computer understands commands such as TAKE MONEY or LEAVE PLAN. Once you have started the escape you move from room to room using GO UP, DOWN, FORWARD, BACK, LEFT, RIGHT (note that if you enter a room by say going right, to return to the previous room you must go left). In any room you may find equipment which you may TAKE. You may also LEAVE anything you are carrying. In some parts of the game single words such as TORCH (i.e. use the torch) or LOOK can be used. At any stage you can LIST DETAILS of your position. To execute any command press the CR key. If you're really stuck type HELP."