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Author Colin Needham
Publisher Not Applicable
Year 1983
Category Various
Other Images
UFO CAVES.mzf UFO CAVES.wav (Type $01)
THE WORD GAME.mzf THE WORD GAME.wav (Type $01)
GALAXY 7000.mzf GALAXY 7000.wav (Type $02)
UFO ATTACK.mzf UFO ATTACK.wav (Type $01)
UFO ATTACK 2.mzf UFO ATTACK 2.wav (Type $01)
UFO ATTACK 3.mzf UFO ATTACK 3.wav (Type $01)
UFO ATTACK 4.mzf UFO ATTACK 4.wav (Type $01)
LIFE.mzf LIFE.wav (Type $01)
ADVENTURE.mzf ADVENTURE.wav (Type $02)
UFO DESTROY.mzf UFO DESTROY.wav (Type $01)
UFO LANDER.mzf UFO LANDER.wav (Type $01)
UFO MAZE 1.mzf UFO MAZE 1.wav (Type $01)
UFO MAZE 2.mzf UFO MAZE 2.wav (Type $01)
UFO MAZE 3.mzf UFO MAZE 3.wav (Type $01)
UFO DEFEND.mzf UFO DEFEND.wav (Type $01)
ADVERT.mzf ADVERT.wav (Type $01)
TAPE PLAYER.mzf TAPE PLAYER.wav (Type $01)
An interesting compilation of games, mainly arcade with some different genres covered also. I don't know if this is an official release or not but based upon the 'Advert' program on this tape I don't believe this is an official release with a publisher. It is a mail order release common at the time (usually advertised in the backs of computing magazines etc). I'm not sure whether this is a real compilation which was available or if this is the actual master tape from which purchased tapes were made. The advert mentions the individual games with individual prices so it seems unlikely that this would be included on an official compilation release. I imagine the Advert was included with the individual games when they were purchased.