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Author Andrew Cornish
Publisher Crystal Electronics
Year 1980
Category BASIC Interpreter
Other Images
XTAL BASIC 2.2.mzf XTAL BASIC 2.2.wav (Type $01)
XTALBUG 1.1.mzf XTALBUG 1.1.wav (Type $02)
CONVERSION 1.1.mzf CONVERSION 1.1.wav (Type $02)
PRINTER P3.mzf PRINTER P3.wav (Type $02)
This is Crystal Electronics' BASIC interpreter for the MZ-80K. Please see above for relevant documentation. Annoyingly, it seems to use the file type $02 for its files so there is no easy distinguishing between XTAL BASIC's files and, for instance, Sharp's own SP-5025 files. That said, even Sharp re-used this file type number between the SP-5025 and SA-5510 BASICs and these are also not compatible. The programs are presented here in the same order in which they are found on the tape. The main language is on Side 1 and the other three programs are on Side 2.