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Author Unknown
Publisher Not Applicable
Year Unknown
Category Arcade
Other Images
* MOON LANDER *.mzf * MOON LANDER *.wav (Type $02)
This is a pretty decent moon lander-type game which involves a couple of different sections. Firstly you have to carefully guide your lander onto a safe landing pad using the keys A for left, D for right and S to give you a boost upwards. If you land successfully you will then be presented with a second screen showing the view beneath your lander. You need to 'fine tune' your landing position on the landing pad via the W, A, D and X keys to keep the diamond into the centre of your cross-hairs. Use the S key to activate the engine and decrease your velocity so that you can land on the pad without crashing. Beware of the asteroid storms which can occur in this stage. If you suceeed there is a nice animation at the end.