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Author Unknown
Publisher Not Applicable
Year Unknown
Category Arcade
Other Images
ASTEROIDS.mzf ASTEROIDS.wav (Type $01)
ASTEROIDS.mzf ASTEROIDS.wav (Type $01)
I'm putting this in the Homebrew section for now, I have no details about it and I can't tell if it's properly published, mail order or just homebrew. If I find out more eventually then I'll move it to the main Games section if necessary. I also have two copies of it with slight byte differences within them so I'm preserving both here. "During a routine space shuttle mission between Earth and Zenon, your ship met a huge asteroid storm. You have only a small laser cannon to defend yourself. There is no turning back! To add to your trouble, there is an alien ship that inhabits one of these rocks. After further investigation, the rocks seem to have intelligence!"